Making the best of your hair!

  • Ever wondered if your hairstyle suits you?
  • Is your bob cut the right length?
  • Will your boss accept your pink hair?
  • Will your fringe enhance your face shape?

It can be impossible to choose a new hair cut or colour! However, there are lots of things to take into account and think about, which may help you to decide.

Face Shape

Different hairstyles suit different face shapes…

A round face will suit a shaggy, messy style. It will balance out the curves. Choppy layers soften the shape of the face. Chin-length styles with a full fringe should be avoided with a round face.

If you have a heart-shaped face, soft layering around the jawline and a lob cut, which falls below the jaw, will soften and depth to a narrow jaw. A narrow square fringe will narrow the forehead.

Oval faces suit many styles. Bold, super short pixie cuts look great, as do any length bobs. Most cuts will suit oval faces, even short or long asymmetric styles. The oval shape is balanced in size, making haircut choices simpler.

The square-shaped face is a little harder and the obvious style to avoid is a jaw-length square bob, as this will accentuate the angles.

Any style that softens a square jaw, like layers, a side fringe or a length that flatters and doesn’t fall on the jawline, will flatter this shape.

Colour can play a part in enhancing shapes and styles. Before choosing colours, there are factors to be taken into account, such as suitability – will your workplace accept your bright pink hair? Do you wash your hair every day, therefore allowing the colour to fade quicker?

Greys need to be factored into colour choice. If there is 100% grey, going dark brown will create a fast root re-growth, whereas going a few shades lighter may allow longer in-between colour application. This keeps costs down and the grey root more blended.

Changing a hairstyle, colour or both can be daunting and sometimes challenging and it is always best to have an idea of what you want before you talk to your hairdresser. Celebrity hair, social media platforms, magazines and TV are some of the best places to find inspiration.

Your hairdresser will bring it all together for you. Advising you on suitability, cost, upkeep and recommendation for products that will help and enhance your style and colour.

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