A new era!

A while ago, at the height of the pandemic over Christmas and New Year, we lost someone very special from our hairdressing world.

Jamie Farrar was one of our trainers at Schwarzkopf and we enjoyed many education sessions with him. Recently, it was time to get some more training and although we knew things would never be the same again without Jamie, we were so pleased to know we would still be in safe hands!

Our new trainer – whom we have also known for years, is Armando Colucci – known as Army!

He had big shoes to fill but did so effortlessly and with great humour. Our new education journey has begun!

We talked new products – some re-vamped old ones, followed by a little practical session which was trialling some new colour. We are really looking forward to a new era of fabulous product and practical training.

We take our education and learning very seriously and it is the only way to develop and keep ahead of the game. Things don’t always go to plan when we do hair and especially when we change colour or lighten our hair, there are always things that can catch you unawares or colours that don’t behave in the way one would expect!

These training sessions, enable us to push boundaries and solve little niggles that have occurred whilst we routinely go about our business. We try hard not to be complacent because that is foolish and perhaps conceited!

We are given a lot of information to take in at the sessions and our brain has a clever way of retaining knowledge when we most need it! Everyone will learn at least one or two things that will stay with them forever and we have the capability of pulling something out from inside our brain to help in the moment.

With more training sessions booked this year – clients can be sure we do everything we can to be competitive and offer the best possible service so that you can book with confidence.

If you would like more information about any treatment please call us on 0208 367 9977 or 0208 364 5700 or email us.