Bob’s revisited…

The bob hair cut has been around for years. It remains an iconic haircut resurging every so often with a new slant.

The classic bob has a square fringe and is cut into the neck. Of course, you can have any length you wish and you do not have to have any kind of fringe. There is a bob that will suit most hair types and face shapes.

Over the years, bobs have been tweaked and developed to reflect different eras and fashion.

You can have layers put in for a softer effect or it could be slide cut to soften the angle. A graduated bob is extremely popular still. Traditionally cut sharp and square into the nape of the neck and then each section is held at an angle, depending on the graduation required.

A bob can be very short at the nape and very long at the front of the hair, or it can be cut blunt and square around the neck or shoulders to create a slightly heavier look.

If you’re looking for a new style for Christmas or any time, it always worth considering a bob. It looks good on fine or thick hair, coarse or curly hair, straight or wavy hair.

There are many celebrities that favour the bob style and it will probably be the most popular or asked for hair cut ever, not only in the UK but almost anywhere in the world!

You will find some photos of bobs that our lovely team have created at different times. If you’d like more information, or a consultation, please drop in and see us, call the salon or book online.

Xmas appointments!

We are almost full for Christmas appointments. There is still some availability but don’t leave it too late. Just a reminder that if you’re booking colour with us for the first time, you will need a skin test. This can be done up to 5 days before but no later than 48 hours before any colour service.

There are no exceptions to this, even if you have had colour regularly for years. Please take this into account and leave enough time when booking.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our lovely clients a very happy Christmas!

Thanks for your custom, see you soon.

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