Celebrity hair!

As hair stylists, one of the places we get our inspiration is from celebrities.

Whether it’s from the latest blockbuster film (not so much lately of course) or a magazine shoot, we simply have to know all the latest celebrity hair and makeup secrets!

Hairstyles come and go depending on fashion at the time. One haircut that will probably be around forever is the classic bob or variations of…

Hairdressers personalise the bob to suit the client. Creating texture, layers, graduation or adding a fringe – all of which can transform a neat hairstyle into something much more personalised and suitable for lifestyle, environmental factors or simply the current trend.

If we see a celebrity that has had a hair transformation, depending on who it is and their current popularity, it can become the latest trend quite quickly.

A few examples of this are, Victoria Beckham with her blonde bob cut back in the noughties. At that time, her popularity meant that anything she did to her hair, made people want to do the same.

Another example was way back when Jennifer Aniston was in Friends, she had a style that was nicknamed ‘The Jennifer’. This particular style stayed around for years and even now, there are variations on this style that people ask for.

Princess Diana was another person that people wanted to emulate, she was so utterly stylish and demure and her hairstyle was copied all over the world.

Recently, Giovanna Fletcher – winner of 2020 I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here, cut off her long hair into a lovely mid-length bob. Giving her hair body and style.

During the lockdowns, when salons weren’t open, there were a few celebrities that were happy to show their grey roots to the world. Eva Longoria starred in an advert showing how she applied her hair colour! At the time, it was what many people needed to see – a real-life celebrity, coming clean about having grey hair but also being happy to show how it gets covered up!

It was a small way of showing that just because someone is famous and wealthy, it doesn’t mean to say that they are more important than ordinary people. Covid 19, still dictated their lives, as much as it did ours.

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