Weddings can’t wait anymore…

Traditionally, wedding season is April through to September but throw in a pandemic and a few lockdowns and the whole wedding thing has changed dramatically.

For well over a year, weddings have been on/off, allowed/disallowed and many couples have had to change their wedding date more than once. It has been a catastrophe for wedding venues, organisers and all the other aspects one would expect with a wedding – not to mention for the couples too.

Fast forward to now and there’s at least a very good chance that your wedding will go ahead!

Bridal hair is back on!

Apart from a dress, hair is the next most important aspect of the bride’s ensemble. There are many aspects to take into consideration when choosing a hairstyle for your wedding.

Such as the time of the wedding and how long it will need to stay in place. The style of the dress – will it be up, down or half and half, the condition and length of the bride’s hair and whether there will be any accessories.

Many a time, we have seen brides coming in for a hair practice and we have gently persuaded them their accessories are too heavy for the hairstyle! The last thing a bride wants is a massive headache at their wedding…

So what styles are currently popular?

Soft and casual curls are great for wedding hair and as long as they’re tight to start with, last all day and into the evening. Hair up is still the most popular style and there are hundreds of versions to choose from!

A bun or chignon is elegant and stylish and will always look stunning for a bride. It will enhance any style of dress and can be subtly accessorised.

Hair extensions are a great way of adding volume and length and there are different ways of adding temporary ones.

There is one really important thing that every bride should do and that is book for at least one practice run before the big day. Your stylist can offer help and advice to achieve the perfect look for the most important day of your life!

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