Farewell to summer

The kids are back at school after a long break and we are reminiscing about our holidays.

We are making the most of the last of the summer sun as we start to think about the long winter ahead!

We may be thinking about a change of hairstyle, not least because it’s a great idea to get all of those dry ends removed from the sun, sea and swimming pool.

According to September’s Vogue magazine, there are a few new trends coming for our autumn hair.

If you are the type of person that enjoys wearing their hair looking wet, be prepared to take it to the next level!

Strong gel was used on models at the Victoria Beckham fashion show, with not a single hair out of place, it was a very strong look.

Not for everyone!

If you fancy a short pixie fringe instead, you would also be bang on trend for the coming season. At the Givenchy and Gucci show, micro bangs were styled with matching crops and created another strong look.

Messy hair that looks completely un-styled was abundant on the catwalk.

Despite looking like an effortless style, a lot of work will have gone into making it look that way!

At the Sam McKnight show, buns were abundant. A new twist on the chignon made an elegant appearance during the Balmain show. A style that is easily worn and can be dressy or casual, making it a very versatile style.

Long hair featured strongly, too. Of course, this look can be one’s own hair or enhanced with extensions.

Fashion shows can influence future hairstyles, especially those of top designers however, there are many other contributing factors that will shape trends and styles.

After all, we can’t all afford expensive designer clothes but we can dream!

A new hairstyle will cost a lot less than a designer dress but it can make a person feel brand new and be the crowning glory to your own unique style!

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