Looking to autumn…

What a great summer!
Too hot for some but for others, it was summer heaven!

Extreme heat usually plays havoc with one’s hair, so from that point of view, a lot of people will be relieved to feel the slightly cooler temperatures!

As we look towards autumn and winter, we will take a look at some of the creativity that has been going on in the salon and see what might be popular for the colder months.


There isn’t a day goes by that at least one stylist creates a beautiful bob cut.

The bob trend for this season is cut blunt and straight. No graduation or layers, just the most simple form of bob but one of the hardest to actually perfect.

This style works best on chin length or above shoulder hair. Colour-wise, a block colour or added placement colour enhances a blunt bob. For a more dramatic effect and bang on trend, a pre-lightened and toned look will really make a statement.

A bob cut will be the staple of hairdressing for ever more, with variations as seasons change.

Soft longer layers are great for bouncy blow dry’s, another timeless style. Block colours are good for this style but with longer hair, balayage is still our most requested service.

There are endless possibilities with balayage and there is a misconception that it should have a blonde affect. Whilst blonde is of course still trending, there are many other combinations using black, browns, reds, coppers, violets and golds. Sometimes hair will need to be pre-lightened to create the desired look and lift but for a more subtle look, it can be achieved without the need to lighten first.

A few of our clients, grew out their natural hair colour during lockdown, when it wasn’t possible to get one’s hair done! Many have stayed with their natural look and for this, we have different blue and violet shampoos, which enhance grey tones.

The more you use the shampoo, the longer it lasts and stays in the hair. It gets rid of any yellow tone, often accompanied with grey, caused by environmental factors and old hair colour that’s growing out.

With so much doom and gloom in the news, a new hair cut or colour can make you feel and look good.

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