Great Lengths!

Hair extensions are very much still in vogue.

The use of wigs and hair pieces has been documented since around 3400 BC in Ancient Egypt.

Whilst body hair was a definite no-no, head hair was seen as a status symbol. Men and women alike wore extra hair to show their position in society. Sometimes, sheep’s hair was woven into natural hair to give it a thicker appearance.

Throughout history, extra hair has been used in many forms to enhance thickness, length and colour. Thankfully, the application has evolved, and there are many different types of hair and different techniques used to create the desired effect.

At 77 The Hill, we use Great Lengths cold fusion method.

A few facts

Great Lengths was founded in Rome in 1992. Only the best human hair is selected from different Hindu temples. Hair is willingly donated as an act of devotion and bought through official auctions.

Only Remy hair is used. This means that the hair is human hair and still has the cuticle in place. Remy hair assures the buyer that the hair isn’t synthetic.

Great Lengths is also double drawn, which means it follows the natural growth line, making the hair look more natural. The bonds are made of keratin which closely resembles the behaviour of human hair, which contracts and expands in water, the same way hair does.

The fusion method is one of the most natural ways to add hair, but there is another way…


GL tapes are a really good way of adding hair, especially to fine hair where there isn’t as much strength. There are double or single tapes and have added safety bands. It is a much faster way to apply the hair, and they can be reused up to 3 times.

The medical-grade tape is designed not to cause any tension on the hair and sits flat – again, for a natural look. They are a great way to add temporary hair and can be used for putting hair up, and are easily removed.

There are lots of different lengths to choose from and hundreds of colours, ensuring there’s something to match any hair colour.

If you want to add length, thickness or a different colour to your hair, they can be placed all over or just in places where extra thickness is needed.

Natalina is our Great lengths ambassador, and she will always answer any questions you may have.

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