Where biotech meets haircare…

Innovation is vital in virtually all aspects of life.

Innovation can catapult a good idea into a fantastic idea…

Hairdressing thrives on innovative ideas and concepts and transforms haircuts, colour methods and new products. Without innovation, everything would become stale and average with no new styles or products coming through.

We have recently been wowed by a truly innovative product in the hairdressing market.

This new conditioning treatment is called K18 and we are very happy to launch it in our salon.

K18 is totally unique

Diagram showing how K18 repairs hair structure

The technical bit…

K18 happened during a breakthrough in a 10 year (yes, really) search in a lab, scanning and testing amino acid sequences within the entire keratin genome of hair structure! One unique sequence was discovered which brought damaged hair back to its original state.

Clinically proven to reverse hair damage, K18Peptide reverses hair damage in just 4 minutes! Hair damage occurs through bleaching, colouring, chemical treatments, heat and environment. Every person will have some damage to their hair over time, which makes K18 suitable for everyone.

There are many traditional bond repair products on the market but K18Peptide technology goes further into the deeper layers of the hairs structure. It is just the right size and makeup to fit in and reconnect broken polypeptide chains.

K18 will restore strength and elasticity bringing back shine and making the hair feel like new.

K18 is vegan and cruelty free

It is available in salon as a treatment and also for retail. After the first treatment, the good news is that we will give you a 5ml tube to take home, absolutely free!

You only need a miniscule amount to do the job! Short hair will only need 1-2 pumps depending on thickness. The longest thickest hair, will only need 4 pumps.

The other great thing is, it only takes 4 minutes to do the job.

What’s not to like?

We’re so excited to get started with this wonderful product and cannot wait for our lovely clients to start seeing the benefit of this glorious treatment in their hair.

There are 3 sizes to buy, 50ml priced at £55.00, 15ml priced at £25.00 and 5ml priced at £9.00 (free after a salon treatment @£25.00.


Call in or telephone and speak to one of our stylists for more information.

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