Our lovely new range of products from Milkshake, are selling really well.

There are many varieties of shampoo and infinite types of conditioner available – far too many to choose from!

Our Milkshake range has something for every hair type and here are our best sellers!

Icy Blond shampoo and conditioner, is for hair that has been lightened or hair that has greyed naturally. It has a gentle cleansing action that deposits a black tone which counteracts any orange or yellow. For a more intense tone, it can be left on for a few minutes and followed up with the icy blond conditioner.

This will leave the hair with a strong ash undertone and is advisable to alternate with a non-coloured shampoo to avoid making the hair too ash.

Silver shine shampoo and conditioner, works in a different way to icy blond. With a more delicate violet undertone, it will get rid of yellow tones from the lightening process or grey hair that has turned yellow from the elements. Silver shine contains extracts of organic berries making the hair feel soft and manageable. After cleansing, the shampoo can be left on for a few minutes for a more intense result.

Integrity shampoo containing muru muru butter, gently cleans the hair, helping to retain colour and leaving the hair frizz free, shiny and manageable. The conditioner contains amino acids, which nourish the hair, visibly making the hair look and feel better. Use in conjunction with Integrity shampoo, for maximum effect.

The moisture plus range, is self-explanatory! Containing organic papaya and hyaluronic acid and anti-ageing action, it will cleanse and leave your hair feeling soft and silky. Used with moisture plus shampoo, it will protect your hair colour and stop it from drying out.

Sometimes, when we have colour on our hair, the colour fades and it can leave your hair with a gold or copper tone. This is because the hair becomes porous during the colour process and the original pigment begins to fade. Cold brunette shampoo is a great solution!

It works in a similar way to silver shampoos but deposits a blue tone in the hair, this is especially good for brunettes or dark blonde hair. It can be left on for a few minutes for a more intense result.

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