Hair salon photo shoot!

Our models, photographer and make-up artist arrived and we were ready to get started.

A lot of work was done behind the scenes, leading up to our photoshoot. We started months ago, with our mood board and brainstorming ideas with the team. Once we had all put forward different ideas, we then started planning and sourcing a photographer, models, make-up artist and clothing.

We held meetings and talked through ideas and whilst we didn’t have a theme as such, there was a general consensus that models should complement each other.

As any hairdresser will know, when you are creating something special with hair, things don’t always go to plan and one can find oneself following a different path to go with the creative flow!

This did happen on the day with a couple of the styles which ended up being better than the original plan.

Some of the hair had to be coloured, cut and prepped the week before the shoot. Some of it had to be set the night before and we can’t be more grateful for our wonderful models that had to endure an uncomfortable night sleeping in hair rollers!

Once we had set up the work stations, backdrop and lighting, the styling began. Each model was made- up and dressed and then hair styled accordingly.

Clothes were sourced by our team and some were the models own. The total look is a combination of make-up, clothes, lighting and of course hair. We didn’t want to use professional models as we want to portray people as though anyone could have that particular style or colour.

Our gorgeous model Amelia’s hair, took the longest to prep with 2 hours work of tiny pin curls after using the smallest wand to curl it!

We thoroughly enjoyed our day and have learnt such a lot about the whole process. We hope you enjoy the photos and look out for the final edits in a future blog!

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