How’s your diary looking?

With Christmas, fast approaching, it’s a good idea to plan ahead for your hair appointments.

With the festive Party season, it’s probably the busiest social time for most people. There maybe work dos, family parties and social gatherings galore!

Have you treated yourself to a new outfit? Shoes or boots?

You will need to get your hair done too as it’s our crowning glory and can make a difference to our whole look. A blow dry done by a professional has a totally different feel from doing it ourselves at home. There are many different ways to wear your hair of course, however a simple blow dry can make all the difference. How about adding some curls or waves to enhance the look?

Depending on the length of your hair, there are many types of curl available. From the beach wave to a full on set with rollers and heated rollers to finish, make the best of your hair and get ready for compliments galore!

Our lovely stylists are highly trained and can style your hair to the highest standard.

Pushed for time? It needn’t take too long for our team, they are very experienced blow dryers, even with the longest, thickest hair. If you have very thick or very long hair, it’s always worth mentioning it when you book, so we can make sure the right amount of time is booked out.

If you’re booking on line, make sure you book the long hair option.

 Salon news…

Preparation for our photoshoot is now well under way. We have our models prepped and photographer and make-up artist and we will be ready to go. We have loved our journey so far, learning a lot on the way and we are very excited to see the results.

We look forward to showing off our work with you all. Look out for photos and news in our next blog

Christmas opening

We are pleased to announce we are now taking bookings for Christmas appointments. They are filling up already… Don’t lose out!

We will be operating under our normal working hours, except for: