Salon artistry!

Our lovely salon is having a little refresh and tidy up.

It’s been a few years since our refit and although we had a little paint job a few years ago, we are excited and ready for a change.

A change in surroundings can be therapeutic. Our creative juices always benefit from our surroundings, and a hair salon is no different. A lovely place to relax in and to inspire us to be the best we can is simply priceless.

Some new colours are definitely most welcome – photos to follow…

Our latest hair colour work

Whilst we’re on the subject of colours, there has been some great colour work going on in the salon lately!

With autumn in full swing, it’s often a time of change of hair colour.

After soft summery beach blondes, it’s now time for some colour and depth.

Our most popular shades so far have been coppers and gold tones. These tones can be intensified to make a more dramatic look, but they can also be diluted to be softer or to add more tone to lighter blondes or darker shades.

Coppers, golds and reds are synonymous with this particular season.

If you’ve been thinking about changing or enhancing your hair colour, or you may be simply bored of the same colour, now is a good time to think about a change. It can be subtle or bold – only you can decide.

There are all kinds of temporary colours that can be tried out before a more permanent solution is decided. Even a small section of hair could be coloured so that only a little bit shows. This can feel like a big change without compromising condition or sacrificing the original colour.

A chat with a stylist or a short colour consultation might be the answer, with a look at some colour charts. These are useful but not a definitive guide as shades may vary from the true colour.

If you would like more information about any treatment please call us on 0208 367 9977 or 0208 364 5700 or email us.