Some exciting new stuff!

Have you been thinking about going blonde? Or are you simply looking for a new shade of blonde? There’s never been a better time!

Lightening and toning is still one of the most popular services that we offer and demand has been high.

Blonde and tone is here to stay and we are delighted that one of our professional partners, Schwarzkopf have released some new tones for blonde!

There are now 12 different tones, 7 of them new. There are also different combinations available as mixes.

The new tones are Biscuit, Ice Irise, Granite, Deep chestnut, Milk chocolate, Nougat and Brown mahogany.

We are looking forward to trying them out, along with favourites, Ice, Steel blue, Strawberry and Lilac.

Speak to one of our stylists and find out what we can do for your crowning glory!

We have some lovely new brushes in stock. They are de-tanglers and very good for the environment as they’re made of straw, no plastic and are completely recyclable!

At £12, they are an absolute bargain.

Super cuts!

Our team haven’t been idle in the last few weeks!

They have been busy creating lovely hairstyles whilst working in full PPE, including an apron, visor and a mask. It gets really uncomfortable underneath all the plastic however, we are all extremely grateful to be working and we can hardly complain when our wonderful NHS doctors, nurses and healthcare workers have to wear it all every single day!

The bob cut is still going strong and has made another resurgence of late, with a slightly squarer look. Bobs are so versatile and suit nearly everyone. They can be cut short, graduated, kept square, left longer, layered and texturized. This makes the bob the most versatile hair cut probably of all time.

If you’re thinking of having a new look or re-style, or even a new style bob, let us work out which is the best one for you.

We love to make people look and feel fabulous! Come in and see the endless possibilities for you.

If you would like more information about any treatment please call us on 0208 367 9977 or 0208 364 5700 or email us.